The Accepting Differences Among Mankind (ADAM) Award on Oct 6

Peter Pressman

This site is dedicated to our dad's passions and positive impact on the communities around him. 

Thank you, Adam and David

Our Dad's Passions


As many of you know, our dad was so passionate about how running made a positive impact on his life, as well as how it can make a positive impact on the lives of others. As our dad would so positively say after every completed race, he finished "upright and with a smile." With over 70 marathons completed, he was only 3 short of his goal of running one in every 50 states.  We will make sure that his objective is reached in his honor.

Running, Health and Fitness Community

Our dad supported many local health-related charities— including the Nashville Striders Youth Fund; Achilles International Nashville, which helps people with disabilities run; and “I Run for Joe," which supports a Striders member who was permanently injured and now uses a wheelchair — and he had been lauded by Nashville's former mayor Karl Dean for his dedication. 


Our dad was an amazing dad, husband and friend.  He was passionate about life and having fun.  Whether it was tireless support for our own athletic activities and health, attending various music concerts and sporting events together. or just fun times with our families, our dad (and our mom as well) set a wonderful example of how to enjoy life.  We know that he was so proud of us and we hope he knows how proud we are of him.


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